Happy New Year everyone! 2007 started a little rocky for this site when I forgot to renew the domain and for a day or so, jonathapoh.com was showing a generic domain parking page. To make matters worse, my registrar was rejecting my debit card which I had been using all this while with them. Seems the problem wasn't with the card itself but the fact that the domain had expired thus couldn't be 'renewed' but had to be 'reactivated'. Some technical difference between the two. Anyway, I got it back now and everything is fine again. Or so I thought.

My brother Tristan mentioned last night that the comments form on my site wasn't working. No wonder nobody was commenting on my blog anymore! I was feeling a bit distraught that all my readers have disappeared with my long absence from blogging. It seems when I moved the site to Media Temple, I also took the opportunity to upgrade Movable Type to the latest version, and I had forgotten that I renamed the comments script file to something else in effort to curb comment spam (didn't really work). The fresh install of MT was looking for this renamed file which obviously doesn't exist in the default installation. I've fixed this now and comments are now working again.

As for stuff happening offline, New Years Eve was nice. I went to a friend's house party in Hawthorn. It was a very pleasant and chilled out evening. Weather was perfect and we sat outside in the garden with some drinks and good company. It was a nice way to usher in the new year away from the heaving crowds in the city that night. A stark contrast to last year in Sydney. I've been spending way too much time playing Zelda on the Wii this last few days. Getting really engrossed in it. I'm slowly weaning myself back into work mode again and getting a few outstanding things done.

Happy New Year!