Well, one of my worries about moving to Melbourne has been solved, that is, the need to find accommodation. I initially planned to find one of my last few remaining friends to crash in for a week or 2 while i look for more permanent place to live.

Well it was a stroke of luck (or fate or divine intervention if you prefer) that my buddy Chris mentioned that his cousin who's still studying in Melbourne is looking for a tenant and asked if I was interested to take it up. Of course! So now I won't need to go house- or room-hunting when i go over. Not so soon anyway, maybe later when I've settled down a bit with a job and all...

The place is at South Yarra, by the way, which is a very nice area and pretty convenient with shops nearby (including Borders the bookshop), 2 railway stations nearby and of course a tram line.

(I Got A) Roof Over My Head (in Melbourne)