OK, i've been telling everyone i'm gonna be going to Australia in August.. well next week is august already.. and I'm trying to decide which date to go on. Jason will be coming back from Perth on the 23rd August so I'd rather be back here to hang out with him before i go off.. haven't seen him for almost 2 years and after this he's gonna be going to UK. 31st is Merdeka and it falls on Sunday so that's gonna be a long weekend. Better to avoid the highways and airports during that time. 6th -14th Sepetmber is the public school holidays, all the more to avoid travelling.

So I've narrowed it down to the middle of the last week of August. 27 Aug 2003 I think. Just in case the govt. schools suddenly decide to bring their holidays forward to combine it with Merdeka. Gotta call my travel agent.

Deciding on my Departure Date