shucks... after the accident with my Clié, the thought of getting an replacement has gone through my mind and i was contemplating a few of the current Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled PalmOS units from Sony and Palm. Then someone on MyPDACafe suggested i check out the new Clié UX50.

This was just announced in Japan last week and i believe the US announcement is gonna be later today. This is one FANTASTIC PDA. It's got the trademark HiRes+ (480x320) screen, now in a landscape orientation, with a virtual grafitti area, able to twist and swivel so it changes from a mini-notebook to a pseudo-tabletPC, a built-in keyboard, a 0.3 megapixel digital camera, usual sony stuff like a Memory Stick slot and Jog Dial, and believe it or not, BOTH Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi built-in!!!

This is one amazing gadget and it has EVERYTHING one could ask for in a PDA. Except possibly the price. No idea how much it will cost yet cos it's only shipping in August, but you can bet I'll already be saving hard for this baby.

Update: The UX50 and UX40 are now listed on the SonyStyle USA store. The UX40 is apparently identical except for the lack of Wi-Fi (and USD100 cheaper).

Oh nooo... the temptation...