This last few days have been pretty upbeat for me. I think the tides have changed and things are beginning to look up.For one, I've gotten a job as a web designer at Been working on a freelance basis for a month now. I didn't announce this earlier because I wasn't sure if it was going to last, but now I'm going to be moving up to part-time basis which means a more stable income for me. I'm happy cos I'm now doing what I enjoy most for a living, and getting paid for it. Antony (my boss) and I seem to be working on the same wavelength when it comes to our design and style, so it makes it all the more easier to communicate ideas and feedback, and I think that's something quite hard to find. The other thing I'm excited about is the launch of hosting which will be sometime this week. I registered the domain sometime back and still have some ideas on what to do with it, but for now it'll be the storefront to my web hosting biz. Things are not totally rosy though... I've been told by my housemate that she's going to move back to KL once she finishes her studies in the middle of the year. She's offered to let me take over the lease for the apartment when it expires in August, but the rental is $450/week, which i think is pretty steep even if i do manage to find a few more people to share it with. So that means I've gotta find another place in the coming months and move. Just when I was getting comfortable with living in South Yarra. A few days ago my folks had a big party at home in Ipoh, on Chap Goh Meh, the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year. From the photos I was sent, it looked like it was a great party, and made me wish I was back home for it. Hopefully by the middle of the year I'd have saved enough to buy a plane ticket for a visit back home.

I'm feeling happy