On Tuesday, Yuta, my foster brother from when I was in Japan for an exchange program 8 and a half years ago, arrived in Melbourne. He's here on a working holiday and came here after spending a few months in Sydney.He's changed a bit since I last saw him in Japan all those years ago. He was but a small kid then. I could still recognize him at the railway station, but he now sports a goatee, wears contacts and is a skater dude. He says he studied English in uni for a month but I still find it a bit difficult communicating with him. Even so, with my broken Japanese and his broken English, we manage to get along. Still, it has improved a lot since last time (his English, that is, not my Japanese). He plans to stay for 3-4 months in Melbourne and find a part-time or temp job to tide him over until he moves on to his next destination, Perth. I've let him stay over at my place for a while until he finds a place of his own. Yesterday we went to some Japanese resource centers to look at postings for shared accommodation. I should make use of his presence here to practice and re-learn my Japanese especially since I plan to go back and visit my foster family one of these days.

My Japanese foster brother is in town