I went down to KL on the weekend to catch up with some friends, and when I got there on Saturday afternoon, I wanted to check out 1 Utama (shopping mall) to see what's changed and what's new in the new wing they've built.Despite the fact that they've got an additional 5 floors of car parks in the new building, i spent a fruitless 30 mins circling around looking for a space. That alone isn't what pisses me off, but how inconsiderate and _kiasu_ (scared to lose out) KL people are. They just chuck their cars in every nook and cranny they can find, blatantly ignoring "no parking" signs and tire clamping warnings, thus clogging up (and occasionally blocking outright) the lanes. These are not the small _Kancils_ I tell you, but huge Mercs and Lexii (Lexuses?). You'd think people who can afford these kind of vehicles would be well educated and won't resort to such uncouth behaviour. The lanes already tight as it is, there would of course be people who'd ignore the one-way signs and there'd be gridlock in the carpark itself. I got so frustrated and fed up I just paid the RM1 parking fee and left that place without ever setting foot into the mall, and met a friend for lunch somewhere else. I'd put the mall parking administration partly to blame, for not controlling the entry of cars despite the carpark being very obviously full up, and also not enforcing their tire clamping policy, or even towing these offenders' cars away.

Inconsiderate parkers