I've been back home for two and a half weeks already and mostly been home-bound. There isn't anybody around to go out and hang out with, and I just don't feel the urge to go out and spend money. Even on my 4 hour transit in Singapore Changi airport and the last trip to KL, I was walking around listlessly and not even really paying attention to the random things I was looking at. My 9 months of belt-tightening back in Melbourne has taken the fun out of shopping. The first criteria is 'need'. Just by applying that filter, 90% of the things i 'want' can and have been dropped.I might be going down to Singapore again tonight or tomorrow for a few days, and I anticipate I'd probably spend more time with the friends I have working there. (if you're reading this you might want to drop me a mail or give me a buzz in case I don't have your contacts). I'd still drop in my usual haunts in S'pore like Sim Lim Square and check out the Apple Center on Orchard Road to see what's new and changed since I was last there, I think 2 years ago. Update 9:30pm: It's confirmed, I'm leaving tonight to Singapore. Be back on Saturday.

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