I just had a meeting with my colleague over lunch today. Unfortunately it wasn't too good news for me. It appears that he's going to start winding down Quicksmartweb.com to focus on his other company, the Interior Design firm which is taking off and doing really well right now. There will still be work for me in the coming months for existing clients and some maintenance work for older jobs, but there won't be active search for new clients from now on. What happens to the company henceforth, is still too early to say.I guess I have to start looking at my options again and figure out what I want to do next. It's been good while it lasted, and I believe we will continue working with each other in future endeavours. I probably should start ramping up my plans to start notdesign.net proper, and start pushing my services into the mainstream. Not just in hosting but also for design. I'll need to think this through and figure something out.

Job Uncertainty