I had the strangest day yesterday. After the job news in the afternoon, I suddenly now have a flatmate who moved in last night.It all started in the afternoon, when I called my friend Jo, who's been asking me if I wanted to rent out my spare room because her friend Kelvin needed a place to move to by the middle of the month. After much contemplation, I agreed to rent it out, reluctantly at the loss of freedom and privacy and also to keep the spare room for guests or family should they come over to Melbourne. Anyway Jo told me Kelvin was in NZ and flying back that night and she'd check with him, so I left it at that. That very evening, she called back and said they were downstairs at my apartment and wanted to come in to have a look and to chat about the rental. He had a look around and discussed some of the living arrangements, and I got a shock when he asked if he could move in that very night! He just came from the airport and figured since he had most of stuff still packed up he'd move straight in rather than go back to the old place and pack and move again on a later date. I had a hectic night cleaning up his room and removing my stuff and boxes I had in there, before he came back with the remainder of his belongings from the old apartment. So now I have a flatmate, and I guess I'd have to re-adjust to living with another person again :( . No more leaving clothes all over the place, no more dirty dishes left unwashed for days. Oh well on the plus side, my expenses will be halved, which is a good thing considering what's happened to me on the job front.

New Flatmate