Seasons greetings and happy holidays to everybody who's celebrating one thing or another during this period. For those who've not received my Christmas eCard via email, you can go can click on the link and view it yourself :)I've never felt less Christmassy this year. I've just been flat out working the past month or so. My family was here to visit for 10 days and I didn't even get to spend much time with them, and didn't even buy any pressies for them before they went back home to Malaysia. Anyway I decided to call it quits at about 6pm earlier this evening, and go out to get some dinner and some shopping done, it being late-night shopping on Friday nights, and due to proximity to Christmas, some are even open right until midnight. Headed down to Chapel St and walked up and down a bit, picked up a few things from various stores. Popped into the AppleCenter despite not having any real reason to be in there. By about 7:00 most of the shops on Chapel started closing so I hopped on a tram down to the city. Spent some time (and money) in Myer and Melbourne Central and decided to go home around 10:30pm when my backpack was pretty full of gifts and my back started aching. Still not quite done, but it's a start, and will have to get stuff for a few more people. Talk about leaving it till the very last minute! I so need a break right now.

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Merry Christmas