Yesterday I went for my driving test at VicRoads. I was nervous as hell. Having to take a driving test for the second time in your life, when you're in your late twenties, is just something harrowing that most people don't need to go through. I've already been stressed out enough with all the work I have on, and with deadlines for websites due before Christmas.I had been in touch with this driving instructor who's a friend of a friend, and he'd already helped me go through the other required theory and hazard perception tests, and had given me 2 lessons on the road as a refresher course on how we all *should* be driving and not with all the bad habits I've picked up in the almost 10 years I've had my Malaysian driving license. The test itself started ok, but i really thought I failed the entire test when I was given the instruction to turn right at the next intersection, to which I duly put on the indicators, but then continued going straight! I spaced out for a moment and thought she said to turn right at the next set of traffic lights, so there I was, not only missing the junction I was supposed to turn into, but also driving straight on with my indicators flashing. By doing so, I also threw the tester off course as she probably had a set route prepared. She had to improvise and made me do a U-turn to get back to the street I missed, and I think I redeemed myself by making sure it was done properly. The rest of the test went on without incident. When she tallied up the points, I was relieved that I passed, but even more surprised that I only had 4 points deducted out of a possible 52. That puts my score in the top 90%. I don't know what the passing score is, but I seriously thought I fared much worse than that. So now, I'm a Victorian driving licence holder (and no, that doesn't mean I'm entitled to steer horse-drawn buggies!). I still don't see the need to get a car just yet, though.

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Licensed to Drive