Happy New Year everybody. I am here in Sydney and having a great time!On New Years Eve I went out for a leisurely lunch/brunch with my friends and travel mates, then went down to the city to see the 'Creating a Monster' exhibition at the Australian Museum. It's about how monsters are designed, and made using animatronics and prosthetics. There were interactive models where you could control the animatronic monsters. Quite interesting. From about 6pm, the city started getting busy as we headed over to Potts Point, where we were invited to another friend's apartment. There's a communal garden behind the apartment which had a FANTASTIC view of the harbour bridge. The first set of fireworks was set off at 9pm, which lasted about 15 minutes. A very impressive display fired off several barges in the harbour. At the end, they lit up the feature display on the Harbour Bridge. This year's theme is 'love' and it was a beating heart. On the hour for the next two hours, they added an additional outline around the pulsating heart. At midnight, the main show started and the Harbour Bridge was lit up in an explosion of light. The most impressive display was the heart-shaped fireworks that was being fired from the top of the bridge. The firework show was every bit as good as I had imagined it, and seen on TV in the previous years. I took my DSLR this time and managed to get MUCH better shots this time than 2 years ago with my tiny Sony Cybershot on the Yarra. Flying Hearts We stuck around at Potts Point until about 2am, and was actually very surprised to find the trains not jam packed with people. Managed to get back to Marrickville without any dramas. I couldn't sleep though, once I got home. I was too revved up with Red Bull and Coke so I got online and uploaded a few photos I took onto Flickr. My 'Flying Hearts' photo turned out to be rather popular and was even picked as one of the Most Interesting pictures for 31 Dec 2005. New Years Day was a funny one.. I was in a zombified state most of the day, for having only slept for about 5 hours. We went out to meet friends for lunch in Newport, which is about an hour fifteen away. It was a scorcher of a day, and after lunch we went to Avalon beach for a quick dip in the sea to cool off. Rushed back to Sydney to meet my cousin Joycelyn for dinner in Leichhardt. It was good to see her again and catch up. It's been over a year since the last time I saw her. It was a exhausting day, partly contributed by the 41 degree heat, so we didn't feel like going clubbing which was the original plan, and ended up staying in and watching Finding Nemo instead. So that was my New Years. How did yours go?

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Happy 2006