Back of boxI finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new 5th generation iPod. Yes it's the 'video iPod' but I'll stick with Apple's terminology. I've had my 10GB 2nd gen iPod for just over 3 years now, having received it as a Christmas present from my dad. With each new iPod that was released since, I've been tempted but just couldn't justify getting a new one, as it has been (and still is) working fine. The well-known battery life problems had hit me, but I've opened it up and replaced it with a 3rd-party battery and it's good as new. So I held out and waited but the dang thing kept ticking along. My music library in iTunes had long exceeded the 10GB capacity and I've had to be selective about what to put on my iPod. When the new video-playing iPod late last year, I was impressed with its features. Reviews of its video playback were glowing, and it even had TV output capabilities. Instead of just carrying your music around, you could carry movies, TV shows and other video clips with you, to watch it on the iPod itself or on an external television! I was awed. No doubt there were other video-playing devices already by iRiver and Creative, but Apple gets it right with the size, form-factor and of course, the iPod's renowned GUI. One thing that is seldom mentioned elsewhere is that due to the iPod's vertical orientation, it can be effortlessly used one-handed, unlike the PSP and other landscape-oriented video players. I got my new iPod in the week before I went back to Malaysia, so I could take advantage of the Tax Refund Scheme at the airport, saving a few bucks in the process. Having read about how easily scratched this new iPod can be, I went out and bought an Agent18 VideoShield, which I think is the slickest case around. It is a completely clear hard plastic shell which still maintains the iPod's slim size while offering tough protection. Even the officer at the Tax Refund counter at the airport was asking about the case and where I got it from. The video playback is excellent, and very watchable on the iPod's screen itself, small as it may seem. I've converted some episodes of Lost and Battlestar Galactica and have been watching them while on the train or in bed. I've also taken to subscribing to a few video podcasts. Channel Frederator is excellent if you like animation and cartoons. Homestar Runner also now has a podstar.runner area with ipod-ready versions of Strong Bad Emails clips. Battery life when playing videos could have been better, but overall, I'm very happy with this new toy of mine.

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My New iPod