It's a great time to be a Mac user!! I stayed up to watch Steve Jobs' Keynote at Macworld at 1am (9am PST 7 Jan) and WOW.. what a showing. He wasn't lying when he said he had "2 Macworlds of stuff" to show.

Started off with the usual stats of how sales are going and Apple market share etc, then move on to the software. Major updates on 3 of the 4 'Digital Hub' iApps, iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 and iDVD 3. iTunes unchanged but reportedly already had hidden functionality which integrates with the newly updated iApps. iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie will be available for free download later in the month but iDVD will only be available as part of the new iLife bundle which includes all 4 iApps in a shrinkwrapped box.

Next up was Final Cut Express, a small brother version of Final Cut Pro, and Keynote, a presentation software. A BIG and unexpected announcement was Safari - a 'Turbo-charged Web Browser which Steve claims is the fastest in the market, even faster than the current leader, Chimera.

Then came the hardware announcements -- introducing a new PowerBook with 17" widescreen!! HOLY COW! and it has everything but the kitchen sink. A

New Apple products @ Macworld SF 2003